Mother and child portrait

Hi, I'm Tim, I fell in love with photography when I was about twelve using my mums' Box Brownie. It's been a lifetimes passion.

I love images that tell a story.


I began photography as a profession in the late seventies. Initially photographing bands when I worked in a Virgin Records store.


From shooting obscure bands like The Lurkers and Red Beans and Rice I moved on to more commercial work and then travel photography, in Asia mostly although I think the most interesting place I've been was Sudan in the late 70s.

I moved to Amsterdam in 1980, where, as well as taking photographs I owned a vegetarian bistro with my wife and two friends and my wife and I had two children. Evie and  Billy.

Capturing the moments that reveal emotions and the stories behind them that make our lives special is what drives me.

If you would like me to capture the special moments in your life please use the contacts section and I will get back to you or phone to discuss your requirements.



I particularly enjoy working with artists. Coming from an art background I feel an affinity with artists. Showing their work to it's best advantage or making simple cutouts is fun and rewarding.

Please contact me if you are an artist in need of a photographer and we can have a chat about what I can do for you.